Thursday, 20 February 2014

NASCAR 14 Trainer "Max Money" Free Download

~Trainer Options~ 
Max Cash

1. Download the Rar file
2. Extract.
3. Drop the extracted content in "NASCAR 14" folder on your HDD or USB. 
or copy trainer folder in USB or Pendrive and Run from that
4. Run The trainer_launcher.xex
5. Press "Start & Back" To Bring Up The Trainer.
7. Enjoy!

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NASCAR '14 Save Editor ][New]- Xbox 360 -Xbox One Mod Tool

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File Name: [ NASCAR '14 Save Editor ][New]
File Category: Xbox 360 Mod Tools

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The Save editor Can Mod :

==> Fixe & rehash your save
===> Money You Want

The Tool Rehash & Resign
Jtag / RGH Mods Posted Image

Edit Your Ca$h with XRPC
Max Money

How to Work ?
0.Extraxte NAS3-PR. Save in 360 Revolutions
1.Open NAS3-PR. Save In save Editor
2.Mode What you want
3.a Re injected NAS3-PR. Save into 360 Revolutions
4.Rehash & Resign

Credits For Homura for all Packages.DLL Posted Image
Backup your Savegame please as Always it for you Posted Image

Thursday, 6 February 2014

NASCAR 14 Game Free On Xbox One / Xbox 360 - PS4 / PS3 - PC - Steam Redeem Code

It’s your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world’s most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR ’14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience complete with practice, qualifying, and race day challenges. With your favorite personalities and live replay, NASCAR ’14 is the authentic NASCAR experience for fans.

In “NASCAR Highlights”, you determine the outcome of each race’s biggest thrills from the season; Eutechnyx recreates the action where the condition of the cars is exact, weather the same, track positions identical – the only difference is you
Work your way through the ranks in a comprehensive career mode; complete with custom car builds, sponsor acquisition, and R&D to get your team into victory lane
Race against the official NASCAR teams & drivers on your favorite tracks from the high banks of Daytona, to the twists & turns of Sonoma, and exhilarating speed of Talladega
Take competition to the next level and host online leagues with your friends, fully supported by dynamic statistics, challenges, rankings and replay
Take advantage of dynamic skill-based matchmaking, tournaments, and easy drop in/out server browser functionality for a fair and enjoyable experience

Download Instructions

Step 1. You can Download NASCAR 14 Code Generator by Clicking the Following Download Now Button.

download Download:

Information Icon (1)Information:

Step 2. Please note this, our Download is secured by a gateway to prevent bots and spammers from downloading our tool and sharing it everywhere.When you click download now button just complete simple quick survey to unlock your download. This will help for make limited download and protect out tool.
You can Check the Tool Virus-Scan Result by Clicking HERE.

Step 3. After the Download the Tool, Save the file in your desktop and open it.

Step 4. If you Using Xbox 360, Select Xbox Live tab on the tool. Click the generate button and wait for a Redeem Code. When you are revived your code, write it down on a piece of paper or some place. Open your Xbox 360 and enter the code in the Xbox Live marketplace.Your NASCAR 14 DLC download will start immediately.

Step 5. If you Using PS3, Select PlayStation tab on the tool .To Generate your NASCAR 14 DLC PlayStation Store promotion code, Press the Generate button. When you have your code, redeem it in the PlayStation Store.


Step 6. If you using PC Game, To download and install NASCAR 14 Game Crack on PC, Select PC tab on the application.Next simply browse the game directory and then hit the install button and wait for it to finish.When completed,you will be asked to restart your computer and also generate your game Cd Key. Region Free - game key can be activated in any country, no restrictions.

Step 7. If you want to download the game from Steam Store then you need a redeem key so to Generate your NASCAR 14 Game Store promotion code, Press the Generate button. When you have your code, redeem it in the Steam Game Store. This  unique Steam key  can be activated and downloaded with Steam enabling all acheivements. Steam Account is required to activate.

Step 8. After doing the correct steps, you will have completed the Free download process. If you have any problems, just feel free to reply with a comment that you think didn’t work.


screenshot Screenshot:   











How to download:

1. After you have clicked on the download button it should show you a window with surveys.
2. Choose one of the given surveys and complete it. There are pretty easy surveys where you just
have to register for free somewhere. Most of the surveys last about 1-2
3. After you have filled out the survey your download should unlock if you have entered valid
information. If not, try it again visit another survey.
We have decided to protect
all our files with a gateway lock, meaning that you have to fill in a
short survey. The surveys are free and only take a couple of minutes,
so either download it or don`t. We hope that this new gateway will
limit the number of downloads to only people who really want to use it.
Taht`s it! File Downloaded!